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May 17, 1945     The Boise City News
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May 17, 1945

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LASSIFI DEPARTMENT I • Perso.s now ed i. essenaal I I industry will not apply without state- [ | ment ot availability [rum their local | 1, United States Err~loyment Service.1 HELP WANTED--MEN EXPERIENCIi~I) MANAGERS wanted for Mullinville, Kans., and Keyes, Okla., and assistants for Satanta, Minneola and Dodge City. Kans. Phone, address or call T. M. DEAL LBR. CO.. Wichita, Kansas. BODY MAN~-MECHANICS. HELPERS, assistant parts man, station attendant. WOLFE MOTOR CO. - Meade, Karts. WANTED--SHOE SALESMAN Experienced; give reference. Write QUINN BROS., 208 Ohio St., Sedalia, Me. FARM MACHINERY & EQUIP. CATALPA POSTS, STRAIGIlT 8 and 10 ft. lengths. Harry Oldfather, 412 W. 2d. Wichita, Kaos. Phone 3-5368, II NEws BI HIN By" PAUL Released by Western Newspaper Union. STUDY OF BIG FOUR AT PEACE CONFERENCE SAN FRANCISCO.--The words and faces of the four leaders of the new world -- Stettinius, Molotov, Eden and Soong--are almost as fa- miliar to you as are the leaders who are absent, Truman, Chiang Kai-shek, Churchill and Stalin. Most people in this country could identify their voices on the radio without in- troductions. Yet meeting them F.~ARMS-AND-RANCHES-- close-up and seeing them in front of ONE FARM OF 3700 ACRES with two sets of good im]3rovements. This farm has been ' bringing $150,000.00 worth of crops a year. Also have other tracts of land from a quar- ter up to any size a person would•want, part of which is in wheat. Priceu from $10.00 to $25.00 per acre. Also ranches of any size. A ranch of 1440 acres with 350 acres in wheat. 4S miles southeast of Denver in Black Forest. Fine grass, running water and on bus and telephoneline. Fine imprn,,o- ments and modern five room house. Also other ranches up near Colorado ~prlag~. Write or see IS. H. HOLT - Walsh, Colorado. FOR SALE BY OWNER. llS-acre farm adjoining the town of Flemington. Polk CO., Me. 6-room house, barn and outbuild- ings; ideal stock farm; price $6,000, pos- session immediately. ETHMER FISHER, Box 152, Ventura, California. FARMS FOR SALE. Large and Small. I buy and sell. DON VAUGHAN - - Batesvllle, Ark. HOME FURNISHINGS & APPLI. CLOTHESPINS S doz.. postpaid, enclose $1. Gray's Carpenter Shop, Coldwatcr. Kans. MISCELLANEOUS CRUTCHES WITH TIPS $1.89 Postpaid. Braces made, remodeled, repaired. A.H. Besworth. 416 N. Water. Wichita 2. Kans. REAL ESTATE--BUS. PROP. you in action you get deeper ira- pressions. Here is Molotov, the second man of Russia, perhaps the most inter- esting figure of the conference. His clothing and gener- al appearance cast out the impression that he is a man of business -- nothing else--a man so deeply immersed in his sole ideal be had no time for any oth- er single thought Molotov outside of his busi- ness purpose. He can be friendly in address and ap- proach, but there is an unfathom- able depth of intensity in everything he does or says, a restrained inten- sity not always apparent, yet ever- present in the background• To my eye, he seems a man of contrasts whose real personality is unfathomably deep within him. He shows no weaknesses unless his own depth of intensity is a weakness in the extreme to which he sometimes , ,i HARDWARE STORE and goods for sale; stock and fixtures invoice about $3,000; ~ots and buildings, $3,000; on high,ray 81• ADDRESS P. O. BOX 814, Poeasee%. Okla. carries in action. His cold and cal- culating interior ts balanced by WANTED TO BUY a certain desire to break into levity STAMPS---S75 for undamaged Liberty, Me., side view Harding stamp; 1 cent and up for other usable stamps. Send or write CHRIS KAUFMAN Freeman, S, D. at times and a certain warmth of cordiality. Here is a man to deal with. He leaves you with the feeling you never know his thorough purposes-- or him. EDEN--BRITISH TRADITION The Briton, Anthony Eden, spells Eton... cricket, playing fields, all that you know. From his impeccable mustache down to his spats, he is practically a picture of British tra- dition (the tall slender part of it, Churchill be- ing the roly-poly half). Above his mustache, he is foreign office, the old League of Nations school tie. Eden He is more experienced in that subject of the league and how things were done at Geneva than any of the top quartet• In speaking he radiates the parliamentary manner,, the straightforward style of speech used by ministers there. You will not realize until he has concluded and you start to analyze his words care- fully, that he has carefully reserved behind a beautifully drawn curved Chip Away Memorial Chip by chip the tombstone marking the resting place of famed Kit Carson, western scout, was disappearing, so caretakers of the memorial cemetery at Taos, N. M., erected a wrought iron rail- ing around the grave site. Sou- venir hunters were the offenders. EASE DIAPER RASH Soothe and cool diaper rash by sprinkling baby with Mexsana. This soothing, medi. cated powder cools out sting and itching. Used after every change, Mexsana often helps prevent diaper rash. A favorite for over 40 years. Contains ingredients often used by specialists to relieve this discom- fort. Bigsupply costelittle. Get MeT~ana. Famout to relieve line what he did not want to say. ( Aim Has Stomachic ToMsi ) STETTINIUS' EARNESTNESS Lydia E. Plnkham's Vegetable Corn- Stettinius seems to me in manner pound is famous to relieve not only and purpose to be what a young monthly pain but also accompanying chairman of the nervous, tired, htghstrung feelings-- when due to functional periodic dis- board of the U. S. turbances. Taken regularly--it helps Steel corporation build np resistance against such dl~ should be. I think tress. Pinkham'a Compound helps nao turel Follow label directions. Try it! he has been widely P I. 0 ~ /I ,. VEGElrABUE underestimated by ~g4, ~.~~ COMPOUND those who have fol- ...... lowed only his brief political career. He MAKE THIS AD WORTH 31¢ has the direct bust- To set rid of mr! rake ad to your 4taler. Oet .~ two 3St pockoges Kil-Rat Pay f ...... eive hess approach. His dealer ad ond ~c to pay fo, other We repay dominating quality him Bait freely at o cost of only 39c. Guaranteed ARed Squiilproduct-nopoison. Stettinius I think is earnest- FARM P00DUCTS C0.. BISMARCK ness. In that tone-- executive earnestness--he handled the beginnings of the conference as Itts Like Taking Out SUCCESS INSURANCE for Your Baking. • • ...Wh.n you U. ~ ,! ~::::~: .:~, the Amazing Fast Dry Yeast. Use Just Like Compressed Yeast I "Yes ma'am! Using Maca]s a won- derful 'policy'--a success 'ins#r~nce poliqr' for your baking. This mar- vdous quick-rising dry yeast helps you turn out p~r/ea bread and rolls- with a rich golden beauty, a light, velvety,smooth texture-and SUPER- DELICIOUS OLD-FASHIONED FLA- VORI Maca helps you bake f~tor, more t~ily, too...requires no spedal tricks or recipes. Use it the same way you use compressed yeastV' and MACA is so HANDYI ~,, Keeps Without Refrigeration I ~~.~ "Believe me, it',, omfort to have - supply of Maca on V~ ~ the pantry shel£ Saves you extra trips to the store-for Maca aay$ fresh for weeks without re/rigerationl Every package is dated for your com- plete protection. "So lady, latch on to my 'policy' of success insurance! USE MACA, TTr~ ORIGINAL FAST DRY YEAST!" if it were a meeting of the board. No one else spoke except upon his ~~ fl invitation• T. V. Soong the Chinese leader, ~* ~'° So much Maca Yeast is being shipped .~ .~ ~-"~i,_~.~,a "o ~ -,,~,,,,~, ~,, ""'~ss ma- olso neat overseas that your grocer might not alwaTI M~ and oli h - in de have zt. If he doesn t, ask for Yeast Foam p seu ~,~~:~~X~ I ~'-= a ~!~m~ i (Magic Yeast), your old stand-by which ~so meanor as wen s ................ "~ • • ::~~iii::::~:;:~:~l gives bakmgs a grand old-nine flavor. utterance. I do not i~i~:~i:iii!i!i!i~ think he could be ~] p~;~~$/Irl/b$, easily swayed He [NORTHWESTERNA NY YEASt speaks good Amer- ~ i C O M P ~dflrv#,et@bleJ ican as contrasted ~~] .,,' ..... ~~i~!i~, 1750 N Ash and Ave, Chicago 22. Illinois wxm v:ngnsn tno ~~,~ , " " ~w ..d broad a's or Britishm~t~ '~i~ Plowers words) and he ~1 za~..~e,.~,.*, seems to me to il~!i/l ~ca,~,,c~. have a financial ~"~" ' Inoort~.~ L4M~gsvi|le:,K~u4tkl~ type of mind. T.V. Soong These are all young men of the new world whose WNU--H 19--45 actions are to make the course of Help Them Cleanse the Blood of Harmful Body Waste Year kidneFs are constantly fllter~n8 waste matter from the blood stream. But kidneys sometime~ lag in their work--do not act as Nature intended-fail to re- move impurities that, if retained, may poison the system and upset the whole body machinery. Symptoms may be nagging backache, persistent headache, attacks of dt~zine~, getting up nights, swelling, pufl~neu under the eye~--a feeling of nerves. anxiety and |ram of pep and strength. Other siena of kidney or bladder dis- order are sometimes burning, scanty ot the world, great contrasts all with the professorial Wilson, shrewd Clemenceau and the bargaining po- litico Lloyd George--yet acting not without precise direction from the absentees who sit at the top desks in Washington, Moscow, London and Chungking. $ • * The juncture at Torgau came about the same time as the one here, but was more than a little dif- ferent. The meeting of the minds on the first series of conference compro- mises was not even celebrated by an announcement of offficial comment although the press had been kept waiting two hours. To get it, Mr. Stettinius had called the newsmen together to give out the explanations and then had to tell them with con- fessed embarrassment that he could not. too frequent urination. There should be no doubt that prompt treatment is wiser than neglect, use Dean's Pills. Dean's have been winning new friends for more than forty years. They have a nation*wide reputation, Are recommended by gratefulpeople the sountry over. Ask your nsiohborl LOWT:R WINDOW SHADES NEARLY TO THE 5ILL FLAC~ TAN~LEFOOT FLY PAPER WHERE EARLY MORNI~ U~HT WiLL AngAGW FU~$ tO IT. WORKS LI~ A CHAI~ FLYPAP E R It's the old rsliable that never fails. Economical, not rationed. Fo~ sale et hardware, drug and grocery stores. CATCH|S THE GERM AS WELL AS THE FrY BOISE CITY NEWS ------Your 1945 Garden----- Watering Practices And Cultural Rules Important NATURE is not always kind to the farmer or to the Victory gardener. Drouths, floods, exces- sive rain, insects and other pests oftentimes set at naught all the work and patience and care which have gone into the garden. Moles and rabbits, too, often do much damage to gardens, and it is not a bad idea to have a mole trap on hand. The rab- A R 0 E N bit problem particu- larly on farm gar- dens and in town gardens near the edges of town or in open spaces is one hard to solve. One VtCfbRY gardener writes that he has partially solved the problem with the scarecrow idea, that is, he drives a stake or several stakes about his garden and attaches by a string, a paper bag which has been inflated. The breeze waves the bag around and scares Brer Rabbit away. Of course a tight fence is the best insurance against rabbits. The Victory gardener, how- ever, should provide against drouths by selecting a garden spot as near to water supply as possible. And the watering of a garden is important for its suc- cess. In most localities, the gar- den will require a moisture sup- ply equivalent to about an inch of rainfall a week during the growing season for the best plant growth. So in periods of dry weather it will require roughly that amount of wa- tering per week. An inch of rain is equivalent to about 28,000 gallons per acre or about 900 gallons on a 30-by-50 foot garden. It is much bet- ter to give the garden a good soak- ing about once a week than to water it sparingly more often. Light sprinklings at frequent intervals do little, if any good. The best way to apply water is to :us it the length of furrows between the rows until the soil is well soaked. If the soil is very sandy or the surface too irregular for the furrow method, sprinklers or porous irrigating hose may be used. It requires years of study and ex- perience to become an expert gar- dener, but a reasonable amount of study and careful attention to simple instructions will enable a be- ginner to avoid disastrous or humor- ous errors and to obtain some grati- fying results. To h~lp the inexperi- enced gardener keep out of some of It is a wise gardener who provides plenty of water for his garden. the commonest troubles, several im- portant "don'ts" are listed: Don't try to grow vegetables on ground that is too poor to make a good growth of weeds or grass; made up mostly of rubble or un- weathered subsoil fill; contami- nated with coal, chemical or oil- product wastes; so wet that it grows weeds common to marshy spots; likely to be flooded by stream over- flow; located so that it receives much storm drainage or surface wa. ter or shaded by large trees or buildings more than a few hours per day. Elementary Rules for Successful Gardening Don't spade, plow or cultivate soil that is too wet. Don't apply too much lime. Don't run the rows up and down a slope. Don't plant seeds, roots or tubers too deeply. Don't sow seeds too thickly and don't fail to thin out plants to the proper distance. Don't guess at the amounts of fertilizer or strong manure to ap- ply per unit area of land. Don't let fertilizer or manure come in contact with the seeds of plants• Don't cultivate deeply enough to injure the shallow roots of vege- tables. Don't let the weeds get big before you try to destroy them. Don't apply water in numerous light sprinklings, but water thor- oughly about once a week if rain- fall is deficient. Don't forget to obtain the neces. sary dusting or spraying equip- ment and materials early in the spring, before you need them. Don't let the vegetables become too old before harvesting them, thereby losing high quality. Don't let any vegetables go to waste. Don't leave the soil in such con- dition that it will wash or blow away during the winter. BOISE CITY, OKLAHOMA, THURSDAY, MAY 17, 1945 I SEWING CIRCLE PATTERNS Jumper Jacket for Summer Sports AlAn Pattern No. 7 is designed for sizes ~'l~"~ 12, 14. 16, 18, 20; 40 and 42. Size 14, dress, "~ ~-- requires 3 yards of 35 or 39 inch material: ,,-4. jacket, short sleeves, 1% yards. Send your order to: SEWING CIRCLE PATTERN DEPT. 530 South Wells St. Chicago Enclose 25 cents in coins for each pattern desired. Pattern No ................. Size ..... MOROLINE< WHITE PETROLEUM JELLY HMFEvER suFFER/RS Don't suffer the agony and sleepless nights like you did last summer. I suf- fered many summers, and found great relief without drugs or medicines. I ant so happy I can hardly hold myself, Send this ad and one dollar bill, I will tell you what I did. The relief will be worth many" times the price. FRANCIS D. BARRY~ Box 623, Denver 1, Colo. Sports Outfit ASUMMER spectator sports outfit that will capture many a compliment. 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TRXNSPORT TRUCK TREAD An advanced design that m~ans superior tract/on. much longer nfiloage. What Is This eeFACTOBYm31ETHOD'? An ]Pirestone recappin~ h done with the game painstaking caxe and time-tested methods that your tires would get if sent directly to Firestone factories. Your tires are recapped with all the skill tO recapping science. Truck and Traetor Owner Should Know These Facts: It is impossible to predict wheH enough uow tires will be builf to supply the enormous demand. Transportation MUST depend on recapping. Let your tlreg get beyond the danger point and you're in for real trouble! REOAP NOW.