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May 17, 1945     The Boise City News
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May 17, 1945

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BOISE CITY, OKLAHOMA, THURSDAY, MAY 17, 1945 THE BOISE CITY NEWS State Farmer Receiwes Skelly Oil Co. Award Arthur Weichel's ibrilliant farm- ing record in Custer county, Ok- lahoma, brought him national recognition Saturday, May 12, when he received the W. G. Skelly Amard for superior achievement in agriculture. Weichel and his wife started from scratch 11 years ago when they rented an unkempt, rundown farm. By careful management they saved enough to make a dawn pay- ment, then paid for the farm and now own, debt free, 800 acres. 1,900 dozen eggs. In announcing the award, the i committee of 11 Midwestern farm leaders in charge, pointed out that Weiched also is active in communi- ty life and an outstanding soil conservationkst. He was given the award consisting of a $100 War Bond, scroll, pennant and gold la- pel button, at a breakfast in his honor, during an NBC radio broad- cast Saturday morning in Clinton. NOTICE FOR PUBLICATION WHEREAS, Information has been furnished this office that certain stock Jbrands and marks, hereinafter descri/bed have ceased to be usec by the record owner in Cimarron County, and have so ceased to be used for a period of two years next prier o the date odY this Notice; Therefore, pursuant to 260, Title 4, O. S. 1941, I will cancel from re- cord the fallowing stock Brands and Marks to,wit: No. Name of Owner Description of Brand 606 R. E. Frantz Y on left side, Lazy Y on le~t thigh 609 C. C. McDaniel ............ J t connectea 707 Eugene Fry ............... ~,pear t'omt on loft hp 557 V. W. Garbs Triangle Dot on right hip for cattle 559 Charley Thomas ........... kteart T on right hip for cattle 560 W. N. Hill ................ O Sloping Bar 0 on rig41t thigh for carlyle 563 B. T. Williamson .......... W Connected, on right shoulder for horses; TW Connected, on right hip 1or cattle 572 W. L. Foster .............. Half Circle L on right hip for cattle 574 W. A. Thrash ............. Circle left hip; circle left side; and circle left jaw Car carrie 589 R. L. Anderson ........... ~even Six Connected on right shoulder for cattle and horses 590 John Hugh Barton ......... l-iU Gonnected on left hip for catVle and horses 591 G. A. Taylor .............. T7 on right side for cattle 592 :Mrs. H. I. Stratton ....... H Quarted Circle A Connected on left rode far cattle 593 G. C. Shields Block i on right hip for cattlCe 594 L. J. Fitzgerald 2F Connected on right hip ~or cattle 596 Walker Bros. Bar Y on right side for cattle 600 Geo. W. Wallace ........... EW on rig&~ hip for cattle 629 Chas. Lookin@biU .......... z 4 Connected on left side fo~ catVle 634 Lydia K. Bangertor ........ LKB on left side for cattle; LKB on left shoulder for horses 637 C. C. Davis ............... GC on left hip for cattle 646 J. C. Wertz ............... iCocking X an right hip or side for cattle; under ha~ crop af both ears 648 G.W. Vaughn ___ .......... VA (.;onnected on r~ght ~oulder for cattle 652 Alfred Lain/bert ........... AL Connected on left hi9 for cattle 672 W. R. Womack ............ 14 Bar on tap of left hip for cattle 673 Lena M. GiHis ............ 4L on right pip for cattle 681 E. D. Gant ................ ED, right hip far cabtle 682 William R. Johnson ........ Haft G,rele d an right hip for cattle and horses 683 ~D. E..Kinkead ............. Bar KL on left shoulder for cat- tle and horses 693 P. W. T~rner ............. Lazy P on right side for cattle 698 Vaughn Pros ............... V~B Connected on left hip for cattle . , 704" Dr. O. M. Owensby ......... 777, left shoulder for horses; 7~7 left hip ~or cattle 705 O. T. Nesbeth ............. Circle N on right hip for cattle and horses 709 Lee Wimberly ............. X, left jam; Roman Cross, lest shoulder and Roman Cross left hip for cattle 715 J. H. Esiir~ger ............. 8 Bar on left hip for cattle unaer- bit af each ear 727 L.G. Miles ................ Figure 5 on left thigh for cattle 730 Morgan Pros ............... Bar B Bar on right shoulder for horses; Bar B Bar on left hip for cattle 734 J~hn D. Green ___' ........ Camp Stood on right hip for cattle 735 Willard Hurst ............. C Over Lazy S on right side for cattle and horses 743 H. B. Hurst .............. T Diamond on leCt side for cattle 744 Ruby Hurst ............... Diamond T on left side for cattle 754 J. T. Gibbons ............. k~6 Connected on left thigh for cattle, crop and unde~bit of left ear 757 Z.J. Cooper ................ Z Bar J on left hip for cattle; same on right shoulder for horses 762 A.B. Mears .............. H an left jaw for cattle and horses 768 Marvin A. Taylor .......... Spade on right hip for cattle and horses 771 B. D. Luther ............. L on right hip for ca~tle 781 T.J. Reese ................ Cirole T on right shoulder far cattle 782 C.H. Malm T right hip; F~ying X on right side; or Flying X on right side alone foe cattle 786 Nancy McClain Creaghe .... Link Bar, left thigh for cattle, underslope left ear 789 E. C. Jones ............... XX on left jaw for cattle 794 LeRoy Headlee DHP ~n right hi,p for cattle; same on right shoulder for horses 797 George L. Bane ........... AT Connected on right hip for cattle 798 J. Ted Mears .............. T Tumhlil~g T Connected on right hip for cattle 802 Virginia Rose ............. Crossed out R on right aide of neck for cattle 804 Arthur H. Pahner T Bar on r~ght shoulder for cattle and horses :passenger automobiles for sale in newspapers and other pttblications must include in the advertisement the make of the car, the model year, the model ~bedy type, the seller's offering price and the statement that the price is "within the OPA ceiling." Irving H. Faught, District OPA Price Executive, said that this re- quirement, ,which becomes effective ;Ma~ 9, 1945, is designed to aid in the enforcement of price control on used cars. He said the owner of a car wish- ing .to advertise it for sale may obtain its legal OPA ceiling price by phoning his local War Price and Rationing Board, or tby consult- ing the table of dollar-and-cent used car ceilings appearing in maximwn price regulation No. 540 on used passenger automobiles which is available at all OPA of- rices or automobile dealer shops. OBITUARY JOHN A. GRAY J o~hn A. Gray was iborn February 5, 1848, at Fayette, Ala., and de- parted this life May 6, 1945, at his home in Boise City, Okla. Mr. Gray came to Texas while a yourLg ~nan, and in 1896 was mar- ried to Mrs. N. A. Queene at Lam- passas, Tex. To that union one son was 'born, R. D. Gray of Buf- falo, Okla. T~wo .children by a former marriage, Arthur of New Mexico, and Mrs." M. E. Dar~y of Davilla, Tex.; two step children, Callaway Queen and Mrs. B. J. Prepared for disc rolling. 34 years e~perience. 3 blocks north and 3 east of courthouse. W.B. Johnston. 44-4t* Don't let your chickens stay on your neighbor's ~blue grass or in his garden. 44-3t FOR SALE--Certified Westland maize seed. See or write Ancil Young, Keyes, Okla. 45-3t* FOR SALE--Three 6-volt ~bat- teries at my hozne. B.F. Houts. 45-2t* FOR SALE-- Red regi~ milking short horn bull, 2 yrs old. Fred Smith, 6 mi. W., 2 mi. N. of Boise City. 45-3t* He~p make the town beautiful by taking care of your chickens, livestock and dogs. 44-3t NOTICF_,--I will be in Boise City May 23 to /buy hogs. Hog top, $13.75. W. B. Addington. 46-1t* FOR ,SALE--One Model D John Deere tractor and one one-~vay plow. 4 mi. E., 1 ,mi. S. and 1~ mi E of Keyes. H.P. Wilson. 46-2t* Stock dip at Hall's. FOR ,SALE--6 to 8 horsepower stationary engine, 8-ft. windmill Richardson ~vindrow pickup, sever- al ,miles /barbed wire. Telephone Gustan Dencker, Eva, Okla. 46~1t* FOR SALE--1 milch cow, fresh James Mizer. 46-1t See Kennedy Agency ad on page four. 46-1 MAN OR WO~IAN WANTEID-- Full or part-time for Rawleigh route. No experience or capital In the District Court In and For against said defendants in and to the above described real property lahomaCimarr~ County, State of Ok- and forever barring and enjoining Verna V. Chardberlin and Marie C. said defendants and each of them Mercer, Plaintiffs,I from asserting any right, title or vs. No. 2194 interest therein adverse to plain- The Unknown Heirs, Executors; tiff and for further judgment of Administrators, Devisers, Trust- ees and Assigns, immediate and remote, of Mrs. Addison Wood- side, one and the same person as Emma L. Woodside, deceased, and the Unknow~ Heirs, Execu- tors, A(}ministrators, Devi,sees, Trustees and Assigns, immediate and remote, o~ Addison Wood- side, deceased, Defendants. ~OTIC~ BY PUBLICATION State of Oklahoma, To: The Heirs, Executors, Adminis- trators, Devisees, Trustees and As- signs, immediate and remote of Mrs. Addison Woodside, one and the sazne person as Emma L. Woodside, deceased, and af Addi- son Woodside, deceased. Said de- fendants and each o~f them, will take notice that they have been sued i,n the above named court for judgment and decree quieting the title in the plaintiffs and against said defendants, and each of them, in and to the following descri~bed real property, situated in Cimarron County, State of Oklahoma, to,wit: The Northeast Quarter (NE ~ ) of Section T~vo (2), Township Four (4) North, Range Nine (9) E. C. M. and for further judgment decreeing the plaintiffs' deeds and other deeds in ,plaintiffs' chain of title to be valid and binding deeds of conveyance; and for further judg- ment decreeir~g and determining the heirs at law of Mrs. Addison Woodside, one and the same per- son ms Emma L. Woodside, deceas- ed and the heirs at law of Addison Woodside, deceased, and said de- fendants and each of them ~nust answer the petition of plaintiffs filed herein on or before the 28th day od June, 19~5, or said petition will be t~ken as true and judgment for plaintiffs in said action quiet- ing the title in plaintiffs and Wiggins of San Antonio, to ~hom necessary. Sales easy to make and he was a devoted father; his wife; profits large. Start imme4i'ately. and several grandchildren and Write Rawleig h's Dept., O KE-47- E, B. MeMahan great grandchildren. 190, Denver, Colo. 46-1t* Mr. Gray, with his family, came FOR~--M0dern 7-roo~ General Law Practice to Beaver county in 1903 and to house. Terms. H.A. Montgomery P, aide City, Oklahoma Cimarron county in 1920. They Phone 12, 46-2t* moved to Boise City a year ago. Deceas rted in ~ar]v FOR SALE--~Spanish style gui- ed was eonve ........... ran ma "" ." tar and ~mphfier Dor ce nhood and joined the Methodist , . , -;~ " ,~ ~. ivlannlng, Pox ~ ,~) ~ church. He lived a true Christian " - li~e, and reared his family likewise. ~ He was 'loved, and known to all -'asture ,See Ra,,mond Adee at h l , .... - ' the House with rs e ose friends as Daddy Gra~. M. and A. Camp, 46-1t* The world has /been made better ~-- 1000 Tractor Tires ~y his having spent a long life WANTED--Man to live on here. Brown Ranch and do general ranch 2000 Tractor Tubes work. R. Wright, Wheeless. 46-P.t also lots of Passenger Costume jewelry at Pa]~mer's. --F~ ------ I~rael, Keyes, Okla. " 46-2t* and Truck sizes Colaper-Car~) and Ceresan for ~ JUST CALL treating seed grain, at Hall's. ] .... 1" ----- I Graham Agency | Delicate2yscentedsheerwe ght [ BoiseCity, Okla. - , NAL L stationery at Boise City Jewelry. I GENERAL INSURANCE | ------- [ Surety Bonds Gog~les, dust respirators and ]List your Real Estate with us.~ The Old Panhandle sun glasses at ,Hall's. ~ 4 Ch p Picker Hell fix you up. If Nall doesn't have your size, they are hardly II CERTIFIED MARTIN COMBINE MILO available.Biggest VulcanizingThe west's II Purity 99.76 per ct. Germination 96 per ct. and Recapping Plant. I[ $3.50 per cwt. recleaned and sacked [[ $2.50 per cwt. combine run 843 Arnold Elliott ........ A=E Connected within Circle on left ..... hip for cattle and horses 909 Kenneth W. Sasser ..... 3 Hori~ol~tal Bars on right hip for 928 S. G. Haaes ....... ~t~o: back lmrt of right hip for 9 ....... cattle 32 H. A. Hale ........ Dawn T, Vertical Bar on le~ft hip ....... for cattle Unless abjections are filed in this office wiChin 90 days from date of first ,pt~blication hereof. ~Signed this 15th day of May, 1945. (May 17-2A-31) Norma E. Lambert, County ClerK. IEI M HBGt, whea a ndgh- bar need help, all the folks ia and give him a hand. Many a harvest would have bees loot without the help of ~14-f~ husking bee. Right now, your country is you, the woman in towns and em the farms, to hold a fat-ealvage bee and help Inert a ~ fat ehortage. the court judicially determining the heirs of Mrs. Addison Wood- side, one and the same person as Emma I,. Woodside, deceased, and the heirs o~ Addison Woodside, deceased, and for ~1 costs of this action will be rendered accordinffly. Dated this 17 day of May, 1945. Attorney for Plaintiffs. C. R. Board, ATTEST: (SEAL) Mattie He.son, Court Clerk. 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