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June 13, 2001     The Boise City News
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June 13, 2001

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m 6 JUNE 1 3, 2001 THE BOISE CITY NEWS PAGE 7 boutnwav Lonstructlon rOCk rommunitv Leaders of EvaN.Lind, F C, Behrendt, KatieE, Behrendt, Buffalo, Oklahoma The Wood- IN THE UNITED STATES 4588 04' ;~455 B ~uc nHhlira' -:- ~.,I . Pauline E. Overstreet, Jeremiah Resler, A.V. , . C. N...... ,. - America Lnapter apprecl- Hilton, Victor Fuller, iftiving, or if they be de- we' d Public Library, 1 500 N. DISTRICT COURT FOR THE tions 87 12" 2492 ,, in'r~-o-'.~. , . , ~ Am.. r,l., ....... ,- ates the financial SUDDOrt ceased, their unknown heirs, success0rs, per- Main, Woodward, Oklahoma WESTERN DISTRICT OF form, mop& mat ren'tals, 317.07 " -" nit,- tO sonalrepresentalJvesorassigns, andlheC0unty Materials available for inspec- OKLAHOMA 2549, Modern Inc., parts, 191.68; rrom tne commu y Commissioners of Cimarron County, State of tion include: UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, 2564, Guymon.Tire&~ervice, tire, UI~I~I-HA ~Am i-m.-_INK~I fund their projects, activi-Oklahoma, 1. Hydrogeology, water use, Plaintiff 419.30; 2597, Sanders Town & ..... Greetings: Said defendants are hereby notified CTCDH~I /^~C al 490 96 2602 Northel'n Equip Co ties, anQ trips., . .- thattheyhavebeensuedinthecaptionedmatterin and simulations of flow in the V ' Country, ups, P'~Tts-~ supplies Both the I-emily ann LOn- the District Court of Cimarron County, Oklahoma, High Plains aquifer in northwest- "DefendantsJ ...... , et ., parts," 724.90; .... 2609, Sid's T re Ser- cHrn~r ~ri~nr~ nronram andthattheymustanswerthepetitionthereinonor ern Oklahoma, southeastern .- " ....... ^ ~ ~on . vice labor 25 O0; 26.1.1 Jack Rab Thank You --'.'~ -'"7"'-~.-" r- :~ . beforetile 10th dayof July,2001.ortheallegations Colorado, southwestern Kansas, .......... Lase n~o:;. .......... L V'UU-~ oo=.,. " rot'-" F~iters" '"r ters'" "c e~ned 16 00" ann family, Lareer an(] of said petition wUI be taken as true and judgment northeastern New Mexico, and UKU"K um,'LHr~., ~n:),-nJ~ ..... ,.._. , .................. ,. -'ol / Loastal Kerinlng~& Market ng ks to all my family ('nmrnHnitv /pnrlprs of will be rendered in favor of plaintiff against said de. northwestern Texas, U.S. Geo- U r NU N= /u ' - Inc MCBO0 road od 5 303 29 friends for their ~.-'"'."-:=.'- _- ....,', ,.,_fendanls quieting title and c0nfirming plaintiffs pos- logical Survey Water-Resources AND DEFEND, AND 2621", Fox Mach,ne' & Supply' ' parts" ; DIRECTING SERVICE BY 222 ~ " America Lnap[er WOUld liKe session and ownership in the following described Investigation Report 99-41 04; ............. .50, 2622, Central States Ther- )htfulness and kind- to extend a sDecial apDre- real property situated in Cimarron C0unty, State0f 2. Oklahoma Water Resources , rUB, LiL.~HVN. , mal King, part 27.34;2623 B C in supporting me ". ---- Oklahoma, t0-wit: clatmn to Jamm. Hinds for The Southeast Quarter of the Southwest TentativeBard OrderMaximumEStablishingAnnualthe tittupn applicatlonthe Lourt finos'tthe plain- BodY170 10"ShoP'2626inC'yeilowhouseParts & I'ab'o r'M ' Igh my second hip re- her outstanding leadersnlp Quarter(SE/4 SW/4 of Section Twenty-seven i. This is an action to enforce Co.,'~)a;'t, 1 52.76.2629 GuymaChn nlent. . _ in rho rla~rnnm dHrinn mv (27),inTownshipF0ur(4),NorlhofRangeSeven Yield of the Ogallala, Northwest the prayers, pnone "'" "';.'- %--, ............ ~ """ (7). EastoftheCimarronMeridian, inCimarron Region Groundwater Basin ap- a lien upon real or personal prop- Tire &Service Center, parts & labor, meQical aDsence. County, State0fOklahoma;includingall0fthe proved on February 1 3, 2001. erty w thin th s D str ct, de- 453.94; 2655, Black MesaWe ding scribed to-wit metal, 12.22; 2676,-Bultman Inc.' get well cards, food Boise Citv is an excellent f011owingdescnbed platted lots situated within 3. Maximum Annual Yield , . and home visits ....... ...,',.,~,~,-~, ,.,,-,.,,,;,.1~,,- thepropen'yhereinabovedescribed, to-wit: Determination, Ogallala, North-Legal description of the mort- parts, 15.60; 2692, Gu~,rnonTire& Lu::.::.u:...ty VV:.LH IJ,UV,U~:~ All of Blocks One (1), Two (2), Three (3), west Region Groundwater Basin, gaged premises: .~.~,w, ~ce,Lenter,}~res, ~,; zbg.~, .......... ~e~ ownouse Macn harts 183 28 really helped me. a areat learnina environ- Four (4), Five (5), Six (6). Seven (7), Eight Nine All of Lot Eleven ~l i), an(] tne 2694 " " ' '~-" ' - ; ; ink you, and God ,.,,,,~,-,e #,-,,- ce,,,,I,~,~,ec ^,-,=in (9), Ten (10), Eleven (11), Twelve (12), Thirteen Oklahoma Water Resources -. - , ~anoerslown~,Lountry Dat- ,,,,::H~. ..... ,U, :~LUU~=,,~.,. ,-,,-J,-,,,,_, (13). Fourteen (14). Fifteen (15) and Slxteen (16).' Board unpublished report, Janu- North Half (N/2) of LOt/we, ve teri..:.'~v~ o~ uu,~""' ........... ,.*~ ~,",.o~o Howare' " (12) in the Hood's Suodivi-Willie .... ' .... ',, k,. -..--..... . thank you tor maKing [Re of the Town of WUtowbar, in CimarronCounty, ary 8, 2001. , - . .... ,,,~u. p,~ o.uu" ,'o~ west sion of Block Four t4~, ~a(]er Texas Gas' Inr '- I~i~t'~7 ~a ~n. Louise Thompson* 2000 2001 school ear a State of Oklahoma See Title 82 O.S. Supp. 2000, Addition to the original town- 2709 Jame'sCo~m'"p,~rts&'labor' - Y bardng and enjoininn said defendants from as Sections 1 020.5, 1 020.6 and site of Boise City, in Cimarron 130.00; 2710 Keyes Utility Auth.', success for the Career Tech sertinganyright.title0ri~erestinortotherealprop: 1 085.2. For more information, Thank You Proaram ertyabovedescribed;andjudgmentwillberendered contact the Oklahoma Water Re- County, State of Oklahoma Dist. 3, $1 26.zO;.,2.7]...~.B.C. News, you so much for ---= ...... v:.... :...I.:...- in favor of plaintiff vacating the townsite plat 0f the sources Board at (405) 530- 2. After due diligence, plain- .supply, 29.95; 2723", i]&DSupply, r~,~ jr:~r.~,:~, town0fWillowbarinCimarronCounty State of Okla- tiff was unable to obtain perhorn, 21.99; 2724~:Tri State Recy- le prayers, cards, FACS Instructor home ' 8800. sonal service of summons or tc cHna. uist. 1.~.~0..~_%~62/ Red & : calls, flowers, food, At-l, :----- WitnessmyhandandthesealofsaidCourtthis (June 6, 13) )rials and other acts ,~.,.. ..... w~t:~ 21st day of May. 2001. determine the location of absent SonsAutolnc;'~o61,.1~'~.40;26S6, defendants, Sterlin James, Tonia Red & Sons ~a.~to..'1~'i'r~., wrench, dness at the pass!ng Th=nk Ynu /s/CharolotteMcReynoldScouRTCLERK COMMISSIONERSpRoCEEDINGS S. James, Tonya James and 319.99; 2701,-$E..D~.,_~l~g., 500.00. ,,, : ",'--:" .... StanleyEdManske, OBA#5674 Tammy Witten. Therefore per- Pursuant t~itle'~ 444 O.S. r loved one. We ve we wlsn to express our Attorney f0r Plaintiff The Board of County Commis-sonal service of this Order'upon the Board apgr.o~dT. Blanket Pur- " Manske Law Office PC sioners of Cimarron County, the absent defendants is imprac- chase Orders..,.-.*. .... to thank everybody appreaatmn to all of you 10sws ', but if we've who came to our barbecue p o Boxq re Oklahoma met in a Special ses- ticable w,mams m,~e~-a mo, uon to ap- sion in the County Clerk's Office, 3 Section 1,~;=; nf Tiff,= ~,~ provethefollowlnoOfficersreprts a anyone, its a lapse supper and bingo during BoiseCity, Oklahoma 73933 Cimarron County Courthouse, U S (: authorize~'~r-'~,-,= ~,~;~,,~" forthemonthefMay~Da.vidB. Dunn, n'lind and not the "Trail Daze". We do this ,MayJu.dune!5"80)~4"25716,13) Boise City, Oklahoma on June 7, ,:.. ~,,~ ,,~ ,~,,~ ,:-~. ...... ,v,-,~-Sheriff fees ea[,ed-1235.38, col" 2001. Kenneth Maness, Chair- ..,.~ v,,.,,.U~ ,_,.~. _ . ~lected-10 208 00Owjlene Holbert each year at this time as a man, called the meeting to or- . .~: ~na[ [ne, aosenLaeten-County Clerk fees'-2012.63 lienfee-' aan~s, 3terdn james, Ionia ~. 4(~R On & Doc starfins-62~, 42 ~d are again reminded fund-raiser for the Senior ~v blessed we are to r-o,,- .... NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARINGS der at 10:00 A.M. Members present were Kenneth Maness J.ames, TonyaJames, and Tammy.ChariotteA. McRevnolds, Court L s expenses we witten be ordered to appear and Fees-25 00 Bocock seconded men~- Such a loving com- . . The Oklahoma Water Re- and Susie Williams. Joe W. defend within twenty (20) days hers votin~j Manes~y Wiiliams hope you enjoyed it and sources Board has made a ten-Bocock was absent. , after the last publication of this aye and Bocock-,~ye, ~ l i less you all. . will come again, tative determination of the maxi- Williams made a motion to Order, or the Court shall enterWilliams madeam'otion to move Thank you mum annual yield of fresh approve the Agenda, Maness judgment foreclosing plaintiff's to agenda item'#14"fo'r~comments The Family Senio i seconded, members voting default, from the Bdedck seconded, ..........___ ._e=._.. ~;heO~lawl~lear Maness-aye and Williams-aye. mortgage5. That byplaintiff shall publish membersPUbliC;voting Maness-aye, Will- or Boise City _ Andy James, Lenter Basin in portions of Dewey, Ellis, The purpose of the special this Order once per week for six iam s, , Bob James family, Harper and Woodward Counties.called session was to meet with (6) consecutive weeks in a news- ine Ronnye 'Darn Fretwell family, Th=,.I, yn,, The tentative order proposes to the Cimarron Memorial Hospital Daoer of oeneral circulation in Farmer todiscuss matters concern- Lois Garner family, ..-. ,' .... ".-,'~. _ . set the amount of groundwaterand Nursing Home Board of Con- ~i~narron=County Oklahoma ingthe hospital.'- " . /nanK you Lnrlsly ann that may be withdrawn from the trol members to discuss hospi- Proof of bulication'shall be filed . u ococK.mao~ am~)tjon,(orecess FrankJames family your cast for two great Ogallala, Northwest Region tel and nursing home leasingn tho~ ,-=,,~o ror~uncn, wm~msseconoeo, mem- shows They were terrificl Groundwater Basin on an annual options. "' ~-~'-~. ~r~i:rt~D~ ~Dr~cor~ bers voting Williams-aye, Maness- . Thank You , ~^~"..~= .,," ..... ~.1,,, .... ,=,,;v .... .~,~ basis at 1.4 acre-foot per acre.Also in attendance were ,-.~t~u~"L'-"'~"-'-"-''""~"~?r~u /=, /uu~ ...... aye and Bocock-aye. Meeting re- . u ~ J ~ After a final determination has Ronnye Farmer and GaylaJames. ' Tim" , cessed at 12:25 P:lVf_ :]he meeting I half of St. Paul s both of them. been made, existing temporary The Board met with Janice ......... Le0nar reconvened at 1:20 P.M. Maness umted 5tares uistrict Judge called the meeting~border. Mem- !Methodist Church, I Thank you Cimarron permits shall lapse and regular Smith and Cherrie Brown, Cima- APPROVED: berspresentwereMah~ss, Williams I like to thank the County Chamber for nro- permits shall be issued for the rron Memorial Hospital and DANIEL G. WEBBER, JR. and Bocock :', :. ... . ._. r _ determined amount. In addition, Nursing Home Board of ControlUnited States Attorney Williamsmade a, rnotion to can- Unity for their sup- Vlalng us wl n a great water well spacing of 1,320 feet members to discuss leasing op- STEVEN K. MULLINS tel P. O. 2582 tdCla~'ion Meridian ,of the Hamburger weeKena in oise Lity, will be applicable for water wells tions. Judy Dawson was called Assistant U.S. Attorney Motelfor69.00',byre~uestofWill- neld in conjunction Am~rit'= W~ :~r~ Innl~inn~ drilledn after, the final maximum to answer questions. 210 W. Park Ave., Suite 400 iams, Bocock seconded, members ianta Fe Trail Daze. . ....... a nual weld determination is There being no further busi-Oklahoma City, OK 73102 votingManess-aye, Wll~iams-ayeand rorwara [0 next year ~ made. ness on the Agenda, Williams(405) 553-8700- Office Bocock-aye. ". ", :You for your willing-Santa Fe Trail Daze This determination of the made a motion to Adjourn, (405) 553-8885-Fax Williams made'a~m~ion to pass 'give for the benefit Clvde & Elese Adams* maximum annual yield of the Maness seconded, members vot- (June 13 20, 27, Ju y 4, 1 I 181 and approve Resolutions for Dispos- Janice OdelI-Carter " basin will not affect "prior rights" ing Maness-aye and Williams- ' ' ing of Equipment as follows: hole tl Expense Fund. to use groundwater. "Prior aye. Meeting adjourned at 11:25 ,-,-,....,,,~,.,~ patching machine, SLN 1306, ac- ~/L .~ rights are groundwater rights A.M. .,..-, ...... ~-~ qulred I1-7-94 from Eangston En- Kim Jenkins, ~ ..~ established by the Oklahoma BOARD OF CIMARRON COUNTY -~'ine . r~, ~5~u,~.~uoare ot LOUnty Lomm~s-" terprisesrl.r~,mnr,~ .203~K" "Ate:wheT401 7 Rd.,fnr Chairman - ~ Groundwater Law prior to July 1, COMMISSIONERS sioners of Cimarron County, Okla- $~,O'95"O-0"0~.~ndso"d 3=~iT--0]rn I~r-~'- " 1973, and recognized by the Kenneth Maness homa met in Regular session in the mie~.Auction,-'e-r$,i]6k;~814"8~)"S~.~n Thank You Oklahoma Water Resources Chairman County Clerk s Office, C)mar.ron Anton.o, TX 7827])-1 489' for Board. BOise City Family LEGAL NOTICES A public hearing on the Ten- Susie Williams County Courthouse, Boise City,~5060 00 nllr,a p,al'rh=r CdNllq~ "~ Member OklahomaonJune4 2001. Kenneth ~rnLdMdT-7--R"-'q"~ frn~rn~';~n-n'l'nn~:~-' 0nsumer Scie.j: ces ..... tative.Maximum~Annual Yield ATTEST: Dwilene Holbert Maness, Cha=rman, called the meet- ~'e~J~.'~e~ Rt ~ Rn~ c~n~ m and Family; Ca- Order shall be held and con- (SEAL) County~Clerk ing to order at 9:07 A.M. Members Clar"~mor'e ""()K" 7"4"0"1 7="~,~t" d Community Lead- Landowner Antelol~e ducted by the Board at the North- (june 1 3) present were Kenneth Maness Susie $37 50 'n ,,-,l~ a ] 7 n} tn Pr-,, ........... 0.00 a d .....-...-.~-- ....... - nn ions Availalole western Electric Inc public Ar licat . - "e uct'o eers, Box 781489 San ;,,! !NESS tUNrriEs for owner.operators. IS STRONG for Koch OTR professional from a t0p carrier. Great pay, mont. CaU todayl U.S. Xpress 1.800.879.7743 Bellomy, Reva Giles, 888 Thomas U. Bellomy, |15 Shattuck, i~~ Oklahoma267.2The Buffalo Williams and Joe w I~OCOCKc!s_e & ~ u_a~_'_b__rmi 0-9-0-027.60 mirA IneTH)eP I~aeli'n a MemDer America Chapter _androwne ~ p - . . Williams made a motion to ap- Antonio TX 78278-1 489' for 1 r antelooe a plica meeting room, 2925 Wdhams like to thank the tions are no " - . NOTICE TO RECEIVE BIDS prove the Agenda, Bocock sec- $5060 0'0" "tvnewr ter S/N w evadable at Ioca Ave, woodward, Oklahoma on ......... !tlity for its support tions in Boise City. Applications July. 18, 2001, at 7:00 p.m. State of Oklahoma ) onded, membersvotlng Maness-aye, 4012274X acnuire~L 1-21-8R frnm D d U at USDA Ser At the hearing, the Board shall County of Cimarron ) Wil)iams-aye and Bocock-aye. Stanfield Pl" nti~ncj Co" 322 N"lVla'in" this past 2000-2001 can be ~icke p - . fflce Bourk resent evidence of the vice Center, NRCS O ' , I~ . . . ' The Board of County Commis- williams made a motion to move Guymon, OK 734Zf~r 604 20 ancJ Year. A special thank Hardware, Cimarron Lumber and ydrogeolog~c findings and de-sioners is requesting bids for 1 to agenda item #14 for comments sold 4-1 7-01' to Lave~a'Park.'er Box the individuals and ......k..,Mir~v HI,.,-'nn S,.ortln 'ng Goods terminations upon which .the -2000 Model or newer 3/4 Ton trom the public,. Bocock seconded, ....... 995 Boise Citv OK.73~33 for 5~, 25 members vot,ng Maness-aye Will- a r conditi / a n n ,/N ~u. ,u .~.~ot =n a~...llca . _ . S.Ses who allowed ~ .... -r ......... nn tion tentatwe maximum annual y~eldheavy duty, 4 x 4, long wide bed, . oner,he_t ,.um ..... h~ m~il t'a / - 75 Ot the oasin has been based. In automatic preferred but will con- ~arns-ayeand .Bocock-aye. _. ,JGGS10381, acquire'd'4-22-98 from Ine uoard met w!th Lnerrle Friedrich A r Cond tionin~, Box dents of the Career .. ........ II 806.339 5,1. addition, any interested partysider standard, regular or ex-Brown to discuss attending the High 1540 San Antonio=.l=X9829~-1540 lass, CareerOrienta- may attend either hearing and tended cab, gasoline engine, Plains RC& D meeting on Mondayfor $586.00and~'4-27-01 tothe ) Participate in job INTHE DISTRICT COURT OF THE FIRST present evidence or comment inrubber floor mats preferred, June 18, 2001 Ln Woodward, OK,First Baptist Chu'~c~,~Box 40, Boise ing experiences. JUDIClALDISTRICT ClMARRONCOUNTY, response to, support of, or inelectric windows not necessary, ine ~esource Lonservatlon and City, OK 73933ffOf-.$151 OO; air _ _ I~. ATE OF OKLAHOMA opposition to the Board's tenta- with not over 45 000 miles Develop, ment Programs provide help conditioning/t~e~l~:~pum'l~, S/N ere nu merous indi.... uurrow Parm ~no tive findings. Appearance at the white color is preferred. This fire for rura~ communities. _ . JGGS10515, aCelUi~22-98 from Who gave of their Plain~, hearing may be in person and/ truck is for the Kenton The Board metwithJanice Smith Friedrich Air C~n'dl~ibnincj, Box vs r Id talent by making Jame~H.l~emmy,~mn~,~M.y,n.c.~,a,,,~," ' ........................... O by legal counsel, and may beFirefighters Assn. Bidding in-and Cherrie Brown to discuss the 1540, San Ant)iii0~,TX 78295-1540 presented orally and/or ~n wr t RetaGiles, Gleni-~.Bellomy, RevaGiles, Thornas . ' ' - structions are available in thefuture of the hospital and nursing for $586.OOandsoli:14~27-O1 tothe tations to the ram- u. Bell0my, WallaceBellomy GuyW.Bell0my Leo Ing~ home. First Baptist CJ~urch,~Box 40, Bo se COnsumer Sciences G. Mann, EvaN.Lind, F.C.Behrandt, Katle vrior to .the public hearing, County Clerk's office. Bids will be received on June Bocock made a motion to.move City, OK73933 forST70.OO and fur- E.Behranclt Pauline E, OverstreetJeremiah copies ot the pertinent materi- 25, 2001 @ 1 0:00 a.m. in the to agenda item #4 to consider an ther order the follow~ng descr bed , and for those learn- Re~r, A.-V. Hilton, V'~'torFuller, iflMng, orifthey als relied upon by the Board shall County Clerk's office. Alternatives to Detention/Detention property as ju~ked:~l~ttery back- )eriences we are ex- be~ lheirunknown heirs successors be available for ex ' .._ .. Iransportation Lontract, Williams up, S/N A7113052: ai:q'uired in July, , , , ammat,u,~ .,~ The Board reserves the rightseconded, members voting Maness- 1991 from MicroAge~ Ok ahoma grateful Apprecia- pe malreprt antative ora. gns, andthe the Oklahnrn W lt rI ......... , eXtendecl to those County Comm~ioners of Cimarron County State B...r.~ "~'g~'X-..'T-',"_'_ ..... ~,"-~, to reject any and all bids, waive aye, Williams-aye and Bocock-aye. City, OK to# -$S.9~.00 and a ' u= u, ~ouu ~. L~assen uw(]., any informality or irregularity in Bocock made a motion to enter rotavator, S/N 9351986; acqu red 9- ~Ok~.h~a, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, and any bid received, and or make into an Alternatives to Detention/ 17-84 from John Barnes, Rt. 2, Boise .ts'SSeSto WhObe a allowedpart of .o" uv-z~-~9 ......... at the fo..owing locations. ,an award to other than the low Detention Transportation Contract Citv OK 73"93J f~$1 350 on --- - ~,-.u-~r::-: The Sedm~ Pub ~c L~brar 211 NOTIC~-BY.,,u,.,,AIRm . . . ~. Y, bidder if such award is deemedby and between the Okla. Office of _ -', _-~ .~ ,~. :. homato JamesH Beltom I w Main, Se lin , Oklahoma Th ' Urs to enrich their TheStateofOIda : . w rene g e to be in the County's best inter- Juvenile Affairs and CimarronI:iOCOCK seconded, memoersvo[mg BeUomy, H. E. Bellomy, Reta Giles, ~n E. S attuck Public Library, est. County Commissioners for secure Maness-aye, Williams-aye and i and alternatives to secure juvenile Bocock-aye. : ~ ~ .~, emily, Career and Kelly Henley, Purchasing Agent detention services Williams sec-Bocock made' ~a rho~ion to pass WallaoeBellomy, GuvWBettomy, LeoG.Mann, Public Library, 230 E. Buffalo, (June 13) onded, members voting Maness-aye and approve'a.RiJs~)l~tlon request- ~ ~ ~ Williams-aye and Bocock-aye ' lag the County I~urcbadng Agent to :' Minutes of the previous meeting mail and publish'a notice ofsolici- were read and approved, ration of bids f~ ~.pne ton 4 x 4 IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF THE BOARD EXAMINED AND AP- long bed pickup tO be i~urchased for ~ THE FIRST JUDICIAL ~ PROVED FOR PAYMENT THF FOI. the Wheeles.~ire Department m m l J. i~:~ DISTRICT ~J=~ar=. P~mrHASE ORDERS AND through the ~0~ QEDA reap 136- ClMARRON COUNTY, STATE C~A'~I"S~ ~'~~ 01 grant, Will~m.s,secQnde0., .mem- ........ Or call this newspaper for information. OF OKLAHOMA ~F, q7 NT~, romm Dist Atb, bers voting Maness-aye, Wllhams- IN THE MATTER OF THE , ~;~.' ~" To,o'S= ~=mire'z' aye and Bococ'k-ay~. '; DRIVERS - COMPANY - CONTRACTORS. No STEEL BUILDINGS SALE: 5.000+ sizes. ESTATE OF ~,"=~o'i',~'=;~,'~'t~ t'~,'~,~r;'i"U'V=n/l~ Williams made a motion to pass NYC, super regiona110-14 days out. Pay for expe. 40x60x14, $10,534; 50x75x14, $13,359; William F. Bulls, deceased. ~'"'-- ........ %;':"-~'-'~v~'"'l 2441and approve~al~,e~otution request- to ~uymon ~ MOoKer / I ~" / IANTTRANSPORT No COL- r/once up to 33 per mile Company, 82 per mile 50x100x16, $16,916; 60x100x16, $19,730. No. PB-2001 -1 2 Mnnr~' Fnnd Prime sunniies'11 7~" ing the County Purchasing Agent to ' ' Contractors. 1-800-454-2887 Arnold Mini-storage buildings, 40x160, 32 units, NOTICE TO CREDITORS Z44Z'='''L~ ':Moore""- 's ;rOOd' ~ ~"~'~-'rrlu~, food', mail. and ..... publisl~' a Y~otice .... ofsolici- r' D-842-0853. Teams start up to Transportation. $16,914. Free brochures, www.sentinelbuUd- To the Creditors of William F. ,~Ta i~. ~444 W,,stside Laundr,, tatmn ot Dins Ter twc~J~uu ga,on or 1 ators/solos 83, teams 88. ;''"~"' %'" "" "~" I-'-rstat'e more tanks with,pttmps, one to be ,~ rs 1-800-441-4394. For owner ~ Sentinel Buildings 1-800-327-0790, Bulls, deceased, laundry ~/.uu" ,.oo.., n~ .............. DRIVERS - INEXPERIENCED? Leam to be an EXT. 79. The creditors of the above ~u,,,,I,,C:" Inc'su---lies 14287" purcnaseorormewnee~essHreue- '~ p,p, ~ V F~I~ , 14 t8.6615. For graduate students named decedent are hereby no- 2683 Galr'slnc','shirt, 52.12' 2618' partm.ent..thrgugh-the 2h0eOJt~):rDtAO ,, ' ' ' i' reap i ~b-ui g.rBJ'lLa O benefits and conventional equip- II LP..IIjiAIL ~,,-Hv:u,-~ j titled that the undersigned was, B.C. News, stamps, 64.00 2706, C - by the D str ct Court of C mar- marron Lbr. hooks 6 'r. 32.38; ou cha:ed the Ken o | ..... ...... " ...............SOCIAL SECURITY DISABILITY CLAIMS. ron County, Oklahoma, ap- 2612 Classic Technology, labor, reng n r,s, AS, S 'Uc= 9(::K,-seco Will" tt work with the solid leader in I ,:,-..,-,., ,=.:,.,,,,.,=e I SAUNDERS & SAUNDERS, ATTORNEYS AT pointed Personal Representative 1 36.00' 2703, Dwilene Holbert, ~" ......... ","-'~ '-_,~-'" "- ...... ." exas Nowl Dry Vans OTR ................. I LAW. NO RECOVERY - NO FEE.1.800.259.8548. of the estate of said decedent, postage'reimb., 13 75;2661,Gustin ~arns-aye.anquocpcy.-~ye.., ' ' I~n::in Inr filt~r', hl~d~ ~Cl 96" UOCOCK[Ol:lon tO tame "800-625-5292 or 1-888-454- GOOD OR BAD CREDIT, Freedom Equities in ~MPLOYME~ and that all persons having 2~i9~, West Texas Gas Inc crths conslderatlontopubhshapetltlO .~ ~ Oklahoma City can help you refinance or put- " ........................... 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