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Boise City, Oklahoma
October 11, 1945     The Boise City News
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October 11, 1945

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...... v 1.7~ ....... . ~Y:~x~ ~~ FORMERLY THE CIMARRON NEWS Volume 48 Boise City, Cimarron County, Oklahoma, Thmsday, October 11, 1945 Number 15 1 First Rubber Shipment" Arrives-- Local B t t [ " * * * ard Dooli le Gets Steak 01| E qW At M.e rt EWill A u:zs, Wtth Our n ssist P State In the Servtce x-Soldiers In , a ,es :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: '$: I ;~ ~ ...... ...~ ~. .. as W Parker. stationed Cimarron Cou ty Information Center ...... Forty-Quart Shot "bPoaf i Che carrier U. ,S. S. CaPe Grand Total Quota For Vets Named Brings Output To C41inaGlucester'sea iSThenOWcapes,in,the1 arirnoe iSouth ,Set At 133,000 l-- : .... ........ By USES Group 165-bbl. Average , Corsa, rs and Avengers helped p ,, !~i~~ '" _ , " The victory loan drive which Inasmuch as the eneral public ~~~~] ~ide air coverage .Ior the mine- n t s c g ' ~~i~i~i~!~i!~ Shooting of Pure Oil Company s does not appear to be fully ~r~form-cieanea ou~ ~ne nar- . ........ ope s Oc Ober 29 must be a su - ~~i ~ ~ No. 1 State in 7-5-8 last week end .Sweepers ~na~ " " 1I cessful m C~marron county as all 1 led on the .matter of Veterans' As- ~:~:.i:~.r.':..~:~!:~:.:~:..%T.#d.~i'~'~'~: ".brought an increase in the oil flow ~,..':~:.x~ ..~:.' ~, ~+ .... .'.., ~' .......... f~ii/$~' :"~- ....... to an average of 165 barrels per n ~ii to 4,840 feet was shot with 40 r ~ .~~ I@~C:!!:-.quarts of nitro. The flow reported - I was '4'barrels flrs h s , The same company's No, 1 John- son in 12-5-7 is reported drilling En route to Washington, General[again after losing circulation last Doolittle arrived at San Francisco ] week at 4,365 :feet. from Honolulu in a "war weary"[ Stanolind's No. 10mohundro in B-29 and asked for a steak. Jimmy [ 21-3-8, bottomed at 5,117, had be done ]n bringing our b y ,,.. : " " " _ ~ [ U. S..government agency serving shows that he has not forgotten how [ trouble with a cementir~g job and ,%~r: ..... [ home as soon as poss.ible, care for ~ ~ - " :- -- : - " - - [ veterans. The board's location as to do awa~ with this precious item ~ is reperforating. A two-million- I have .the honor ~o ~orwaru ~o .. '~., You, on Ibe~alf ~ 260 Australian~ ~v:ti~lnfdore~ce::dn%amtmaTn,C::d ~ I a ve~.erans' reformat!on center ~s of food.HIs future plans are un- [foot gas showing ,is reported there. certain. ] The Skelly Oil Company's No. 1 ' - -" - "" ass ~ P ~ ~: ~~- _ ~ - ~ lci.enl~ie(l ,oy a COlOrIUl poszer __ __ ~.~b~ardedyur_sn~p_a~ ~aga~,:lJapan [~~" _ --- ---- /bearing a large reproduction of -~-~__ Hankins in 834-33-44, Bacacounty, ~i n '~eptem~er lfi' l'Ja' ~ .~Ke / Bonds 'bought now will be" ~. ~~--- -~ t : - -- -- I the gold discharge emblem NEWS[~ elCl'' located ubut 19 miles nrth" their initial steps toward meir|ea .... to me victory loan drive ~ r~'~'~'~e~'e ..... ~ =- - -- - j ,, ' west of Pure's Cimarron County hameland after three and a half~ " ~ ~ Our local board has inducted a th No 1 State, is reported drilling be- .......... nment un ~ ~ - 1 large nun~Der oz men into the arm- yearso~Iorutal lmprlso " , , der the Ja anese, our heartfelt G, roup of Service Men The nation's first shipment of rubber from the Pacific since Pearl I ed forces during the last five FARM FRONT low 5,100 ,in black shale. enlisted me:of the U.S S Cape pines, recently armved at San Franemco. Forty-two tons of the precious we are ready to assmt these"same thanks to you, the officers and th~ Receive" Discharges" . Harbor, produced .under the very noses of the Japanese in the Phllln-r I years," said Chairman. Bauer. Now / ( loucester, for the wonderful re- Records in the County Clerk's crude stock was shipped from the Pathfinder plantation of the Goodyear men in reestv blishing themselve European Relief -/All Lo s Of ception and treatment we received (xf.~ce show 13 discharges, from Tire and Rubber company in Mindanao. / in civilian life if they want and President Truman and Secretary / Beef Now Point Free wa coming aboard and the kind- the service in the past month. ~--::~=-:--~------ .......... . ~need our ~ssistance. of Agriculture Anderson .report[ hess shown to us during the voy-ISeveral men have received dis-~[][T~.~- .... .... / "Congress has provided many that th~s country will ship large] ~easonal increase in the market- age Nothing seemed too much charges which have not .been re- ~/y ~t~]['l| ~l[]['~[l~ ~-~ Utl'ltlOllal /ri.ghts, privileges and benefits for additional quantities of food to/lug afrange-fed cattle has enabled ' for the afficers and crew, and they[corded to date. The following --~ ~ --. .... -" [ex-service men and women. These Europe as .soon as satisfactory fi-]the OPA to make point-free all immediately made us feel at home names were recorded. ~ ]g%rt~-g]tiql~" |~3 [[~lg:~|d~ | ~l~T Tg%Y%lg-~ I rights and benefits are provided by nancial arrangements can be made.t lower grades of .beef for the ration- and encouraged us to worry them Cpl. Auther M. Nobles was dis- ~k.~t.~l[g#%.~llt lk~ 1 I%.~I~LI[ 1.~b~ IK.F~I~k~ [many different laws and are ad- Our exports o food took a sharp~ing period that~began September With question, s and ask favors ~s charged Septem~ber 14, after four ' ......... --~ -= ....... - / ministered by a number of differ- cut when Lend-Lease arrangements~ 30 and which will end October 30. ~ften as we wished, years and eight months' service; Range Program Improves T~. ~ll rim , )ent government agencies, ended with the war. ~ Luther Miller, district OPA ra- "Leaving the shores of Japan andl T!4 Will!amM. Sh:epherd, diT)a/g- Sagebrush, Waste Lands P lel(1 Irlps tel Bauer po,in d out that per- Relief requirements in Europe]tioning executive, announced for arriving on the little bit of Ameri- ea i~ep~en~Der ~, a~er g ..... 1 sons who left poskions ~o enter me are high enough to ~bsorb just[ the same period the validation of ca represented ~by U. S. ,S. CapeI three years and seven mont~hs; T]5 . J~esul~s oI analyses, oz every "~||2"]~to~- ]['~]~rt ]armed forces are entitled by law ~bout any surplus food the farmers~ five new meat stamps. The stamps (~loucester w'as the climax ~f al John M. Davidson of Kenton, dis- Iorage grass ann. sn:c~ ~or nu~r~: l_Nl kl[ l I to reinstatement in their old jobs in this country might grove during[ are R1, ,S1, T1, U1 and V1. Red happy day for which we had hoped I charged Sept~n~ber 6, after four tmtmnal reuben1; ln~e wooawara l wh . the .rest of the year. Both the/ stamps, V2, W2, X2, Y2 and Z2, altd waited for so long, but whichI years and six months' service; Lt. vlclmty, at 30 dsay:ntt:= lsforthre Ranchers To View /eertni:h:yr:teUr:ntsf o~het~ef~l:iwll. president and the secretary say we/which came into use June 1, ex- w~ knew would eventual] happen l William V Sanders, discharged pas six yea -- " ~rnsa Exnerimont.~ / ,,~ ...... , ...... ~/ant to do our part in helpin~g to/ pired on September 30. Y I " . ~ - - ~- ............. nz ........... ~---~, .... restore health and strength to the/ Lower grades of beef comdsting a~d o nd our officers and men Se ten~ber 20, after two and one- than 16,000--=was reported on at . ~., ..o~ ~ ..... , ,o~ ~ Y u a y P .............. ~ ......... ~ ...... ~" peoples who fought with us in the/ of utility and canner and cu.tter * ' " m nthe Annual Range Improvement The Soft Conservation Nervure ,, Capned the lot by your treatmen, half years service, Pfc. Ray o d ' [ ~ ..... ~,~ ~,d,.~v ~nd business Far East and in Europe. [ grades, and utility and cull grades to :.- . ~..._~ ...." ~_u ..... ~'~r I ~ Hathawa,, dischar-ed Sentem- Field Day, Saturday by Dr. V. G operating north of,,,Elkhart, .Kan. / Y .... ' -7" :-'*":'~'~ "'" ~ .... ~, wm.~, we ~,,~, , ......... i,~. ~, ~ " ~. ............... ,' . ~m general atrea