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October 11, 1945     The Boise City News
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October 11, 1945

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BOISE CITY, OKLAHOMA, THURSDAY, OCTOBER 11, 1945 BOISE NEWS Kenton News Mr. and Mrs. William W. Easley of Lawton, Oklahoma, r~turned ~o Vheir home af.ter visiting Mr. Eas- ley's mother, Mrs. A. C. Easley and other relatives in and near Ke~ton. The /Misses Patricia Eddy and Cleo Williams visited relatives and friends in Amarillo last week ehd. They made the trip by rail from Boise City. Latest word from George Quack- enbush who served in the Philip- pines campaign is to the efffect that he has landed in the states. Hi~ ship was in the typhoon which swept a portion of the Pacific re, cently and there were some cas- ualties among those on board as a resul~t of the storm. George hopes to visit home here soon. H;s mot~her, Mrs. Edith Quackenbush, resides in Kenton and his wife and children are making their home with her parents, Mr. and Mrs Marine Corps Is Now Accepting Enlistments Capt. Harry C. Olson, Marine Corps recruiting officer for the state of Oklahoma, announced to- day that the Marine Corps is now accepting enlistments for either a three- or four-year period. Appli- cations are being accepted from men 17 to 25 years of age, ex- Marines up to 35 and ex-service- f nen up to 32 years Ex-Marines ~who reenlist within 90 days of dis- charge will be reappointed to the rank held at time of discharge and will ,~e granted the balance of the 90 days as a reenlistment furlough. "The Marine Corps is particu- larly anxious to build its strength from these voluntary enlistments," Capt. Olsen said. BROTHER Jas. Daniels, east of Kenton, while George is in the service. Residents of this area are muchi pleased over the possibility of aI bus line's +being established fromI GUYMON, OKLA., .oo ,o Chip C 'our section of the country in con-I COW omments i nection with points east by a direct r~ute, something which has longi Now, as you know, my g been badly needed_. The. Mid Con- 1 people, being the West s tinent line now serving GuymonI Champion Cow Chip Picker, fro,m the east is the company mak-I I have the right and know- ing application for a permit to put ledge to advise you to PICK the new service in operation. The iYOUR COW CHIPS EARLY service recentlyestablished through!]N THE FALL before the Boise City from Amarillo to Cam-rains fall. po, Springfield and Lamar has If you have not laid in your already helped in those directions. Al'falfa seed threshing is getting under way again after ;being tem- porarily tied up .by the wet weath- er and heavy dews which followed the rain and snow. A service much appreciated by the traveling pu~blic as well as humors of our local people is the lunch stand being operated by Mrs. Edith Quacker~bush in Eddy Bros. Drug Store. The lunches are ex- celler~t and a good trade is al- ready being enjoyed. Teachers and pupils of the Ken- ton school enjoyed the day spent at the Cimarron County Free Fair last Friday. Mr. and Mrs. S. A. Hu~hes left last week for an extended trip to points in Texas. They went to Fols(~m with Mannie Capansky and took the train from there. /Mrs Wilson Kirtley and children left Wednesday for Wichita where they will s~nd several days vis- iting relatives. :Mr. and Mrs. Solly Mares were here Monday, enroute to Durango, winter piles, pile 'em high, and keep 'em dry. I also advise picking the nice black ones, as they are i crammed full of BTU. The older white ones are like any- thing else old, the BTU is lower. I even notice that. So if it has already rained in your part of the country, the minute it dries, start picking and don't stop until you get your piles made for the winter. I should get hundreds of dollars for this advice and warning, but you are all my good friends and customers so naturally I wouldn't think of charging a cent. I even charge Henry Hitch of Guymon, Boss Neff of Hook- er, or Dunn Burnett of Boise City for the advice I give to! them. Ever a friend to you all, Alcohol Education LESSON III No one will question that methyl or wood alchol is poison, but many object to hearing ethyl, Vhat in beverages, classed as a poison. Methyl alchol when taken into ~e blood stream has a peculiar affinity for the optic nerve, causing ~hlindness, if not death;but ethyl alchol affects the whole nervous system, causing all its functions to be less acute and active. The latter is more dangerous ~but not nearly so startling to the drinker, i A poison is anything that, ab-I soffaed into the blood, harms or] interferes with the proper opera.II tkm of any of the organs of the~ ~)ody. LIFE STARTS TODAYI HOW DO YOU FEEL? It Is O. X. 2'o 2"ty r-~ Vit&mtn| Tonics I OM ] Yeasts Diets &nd Abdominal flupporm IG,vt NATURE] IIm i|.l I A CHANCr, I II,I 4g4tll I t#T nmHVl I IIII IWJII! I"mZST RiaHTil iml I ..t. R,Q.T i I GET ADLERIKA TODAYI Use every ether day for 10 days end notice BUT FIRST the difference I Try this lO-day tone-up ef nature's nutrition zone starting TOMORROW MORNING--UPON ARISINGI OIm+t Delay, De It Today O 1~4| Ask Your DruslpIst l CA[ITION: USB ONLY AS DIRECTED HALL DRUG COMPANY Put~am, Diamond Dye and Rit at Hall's. Cough and cold remedies at Hall's. "From My Sweetheart" --Proud words from a very happy girl as she flashes the spark- ler on her ring finger. The diamond that seals your love must ~be ex- actly to your ~king and [beautiful beyond com- pare--sol~d value for your money, too.It will be all thisand ,more if it comes from Boise City Jewelry An auction sale of household goods will be held 3 miles south and i mile west of Keyes on 64 Highway At 2:00 O'clock P. M. Living room suite Platform rocker and hassock Franklin sewing machine Kitchen table and chairs 9x12 linoleum 2 pair drapes and curtains Brooder house Easy Electric washing machine Colo., where they will enter the $ 300 gallon Butane tank cleaning +business. They have been T~ -- ~r ~ffiV _~__ [ living in Wichita. ur. A. v. wonoer I Butane cook stove I OPTOM rmST l Butane refrigerator CE--Sand aulers are for-I I Office Hours 10 a. m. to 5 p. m.| 0)idden to enter the sand pit on the [ Phones 42 and 61 | Heating stove R. L. Wiley farm without permis- I Boise City, Oklahoma | sion from J. q. Bacon. 15.3ti, + Brooder stove L .............................. Wash stove [ E. Be M cMahan T .... [ General Law Practice ||[ GENERAL INSURANCE [Boise Cit Old ma][[ Surety Bonds y, m.t U .. J.O. Patterson, Auctioneer First State Bank, Keyes, Clerk The Busy Bee INVITES YOUR PATRONAGE Mr. and Mxs. Dwight Phillips East Main Street -/ We have just unloaded a car of Swift's Feeds. In this car we got Poultry Con- c e n t r a t e, ,Swine Concentrate, Meat Scraps, Tankage and Mineral Supple- ment. All of these Concentrates will make your home grains get you much better results when mixed with them. You will be pleased with the increase in production from your hens and the gain on your hogs; and don't forget that Swift's Mineral Supplement provides the essential minerals your cattle, poultry, hogs, sheep and horses need. It's an all- purpose mineral, easy and thrifty to use. Edd Davidson Help Increase Supplies of Soap and Other Peacetime Products By Saving More Used Fats Industrial fats far. short of last year! We are almost down to the bottom of the barrel. The nation's industrial fat supply is millions of pounds less than it was in 1944. We need fully as much as last year to help make the soaps and other civilian goods you want and need so badly. So... If you want more soap and soap flakes... if you're dreaming of nylons, sheets, cotton fabrics and want them to hurry back to the store counter.., you can help by saving those used kitchen fats as you never saved bcforc[ Save every drop, every dayl These fats are vitally necessary to h Ip speed greater supplies of soaps and other things- like new cars, electric washers, refrigerators and tires. Industry must have these fats.., to help get to you more quickly the peacetime products you want. " So skim and scrape just as you did so faithfully before V-J Day. To prove how important it is, your government has in- creased the point bonus. So please Keep on saving used fats~ If you can't a store that accepts used fats, call Home Demonstration or County Agent. The business men of Keyes will give away 20 fine turkeys on this day. Ask your Keyes merchant for details. ays eyes Today, you can fill up at our station with the post-war gasoline you have been waiting for . . . gasoline better than most cars need.., gasoline better than pro-war. You'll be amazed at the new Power and Pep which your war- weary car will deliver. You'll like the ,: improved stability, the smooth, even performance of this new gasoline. You'll thrill to the quick, positive acceleration and the constant flow of power you have done without so long. Drive in for Tomorrow's Gasoline-TODA ] W. He Smith, Agent and Dealer BOISE CITY Phone 6 OKLAHOMA /